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Post–Quantum Cryptography – A Primer

1. Introduction Traditionally, information security needed encryption, authentication, key management, non-repudiation and authorization which were being met using several techniques. Standardization of algorithms by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has facilitated international communication for banking and information transfer using these standards. Encryption can be carried out using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) using variable block lengths

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Cryptocurrencies: Science and Socio-Economics

  Abstract   In the last few years the phenomenon of cryptocurrencies has captured the imagination of people in two dominant sectors, information technology and financial technology. These two sectors have been brought much closer due to the recent developments in both sectors. We provide an analytic view of various interconnected issues, drawing

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Residue Number Systems

  Abstract     Residue Number systems have been extensively studied in past four decades in view of their advantages in some applications in Digital Signal Processing and Cryptography. In this tutorial paper, we introduce the basic concepts highlighting the advantages and disadvantages over other number systems.     Introduction   Digital computation and Digital signal processing need arithmetic processors

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