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The Engineering Skills Gap: A Golden Opportunity for Changing the Way We Approach Education

Imagine a student painstakingly studying the complete design, structure and functioning of a bicycle. The student further learns why, to be able to ride a bicycle, one needs to work its pedals continuously and, at the same time, maintain its balance. Yet when it comes to learning to ride one,

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Bringing Security to The Smallest Embedded Systems

Author   Joseph Yiu   How ARM® TrustZone® for ARMv8-M can bring hardware based security to low cost IoT devices   The increasing need for security in microcontrollers Security has long been a significant challenge in microcontroller applications(MCUs). Traditionally, many microcontroller systems did not have strong security measures against remote attacks as most of them are

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Experiential Learning of Networking Technologies

Authors   Ram P. Rustagi Professor, CSE Dept, KSIT Viraj Kumar Professor, CAOS, IISC   Abstract At the undergraduate level, most Computer Networking curricula aim to familiarize students with key networking technologies and standards, with an emphasis on breadth rather than depth of understanding. This is detrimental to students in two ways. First, students obtain a

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