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Prof. V. Ramgopal Rao

An Interview with Prof. V. Ramgopal Rao: Making Sense of the Future of Electronics

Prof. V. Ramgopal Rao, is leading investigations into the science and engineering of nanoscale electronic devices. His seminal work on FinFeT transistors using bulk CMOS instead of Silicon on Insulator (SoI) technology has led to further miniaturization of processors beyond 7 nm. Prof. Rao was conferred the ACCS-CDAC Foundation Award

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Nanotechnology and the Future of Computation, Storage and Perception

Authors Navakanta Bhat Professor and Chair, Centre for Nano Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 1 Historical Perspective and Current Status The continued miniaturization of devices in the nanoscale regime, and the capability to manipulate the matter at these dimensions is expected to revolutionize the future systems for computation, storage and perception

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