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The Essence of Quantum Computing

Authors   Rajendra K. Bera Chief Mentor, Acadinnet Abstract   It now appears that quantum computers are poised to enter the world of computing and establish its dominance, especially, in the cloud. Turing machines (classical computers) tied to the laws of classical physics will not vanish from our lives but begin to play a subordinate role

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Foundations of Blockchain Technology for Industrial and Societal Applications

Authors   Shivika Narang1 Praphul Chandra2 Shweta Jain1 Y. Narahari1 Department of Computer Science and Automation, 1Indian Institute of Science. 2Koinearth   Abstract   The blockchain concept forms the backbone of a new wave technology that promises to be deployed extensively in a wide variety of industrial and societal applications. In this article, we present the scientific foundations and technical strengths of

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Understanding AI and Cognitive Systems – a Perspective on Its Potential and Challenges While Putting Them to Work with People

Authors Biplav Srivastava IBM Thomas J Watson Research Center Abstract   This introductory article explains the characteristic of an intelligent system, what it may be used for and what challenges such systems pose when working with humans with two case studies. 1. Introduction   If one follows Information Technology (IT) or business news regularly, one would have come

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