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Prof. V. Ramgopal Rao

An Interview with Prof. V. Ramgopal Rao: Making Sense of the Future of Electronics

Prof. V. Ramgopal Rao, is leading investigations into the science and engineering of nanoscale electronic devices. His seminal work on FinFeT transistors using bulk CMOS instead of Silicon on Insulator (SoI) technology has led to further miniaturization of processors beyond 7 nm. Prof. Rao was conferred the ACCS-CDAC Foundation Award

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A Review of B4G/5G Enhancements for Mobility, Latency and NB-IoT

Author ALOKNATH DE Samsung R&D Institute India, Bengaluru 1 Introduction The vision of 5G is to connect multiple devices and provide meaningful services under a common rooftop, enabling the world populace to communicate to each other. It is estimated that industrial Internet of Things (IoT) alone will comprise of more than 25 billion devices by 2025 [1-2].

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Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning of Networking Technologies: Understanding TCP Flow Control and Congestion Control

Authors RAM P. RUSTAGI CSE Dept, KSIT Bangalore VIRAJ KUMAR Divecha Centre for Climate Change, IISc Bangalore Abstract In a TCP connection, the underlying network drops packets when it lacks the capacity to deliver all the packets sent by the sender to the receiver. This phenomenon is called congestion. TCP at the sender’s side will not receive acks for

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