From the Editor

Dr. N. Rama Murthy

This issue of ACCS is being brought out under a special circumstance, where the epidemic COVID has had disastrous impact on every activity in every field in the modern world. In this regard, receipt of scholarly of articles for publication in ACC has been no exception with very few ones meeting standards acceptable to ACC. Hence, it was decided to reprint two articles in this issue which had appeared earlier.

In the first reprinted article, the author, as a guest editor in an earlier issue, takes us through his experience in UG studies which marks the beginning of modern day electronic technology. In the past 60 years, the development in this field has been rapid and has had significant impact on our life style on this planet. The developments have had wide pervasive effect and not limited to the field of science and technology but also extended to all walks of modern day living. In this regard, the author’s quote in the last paragraph the challenges the accelerated development poses for a future engineering educators.

In the second article titled ‘Gamified Approach to Learn Algorithms (GALA) – Exploring Basics of Algorithmic Approach’, the authors discuss the problem of developing algorithms for linear recursion by taking students through the steps that demonstrates the power of ‘decrease and conquer’ approach. They show solution to three puzzles as examples for efficient algorithm development. These solutions demonstrate efficient way of algorithm development which students can easily assimilate.

The third article is not only of interest to scientists but of interest to general public with news papers carrying articles surrounding scam in bitcoin trading. The underlying technology is Block Chains which are of three categories mainly viz Public (ex Bitcoin blockchain), Permissioned (ex those used banking and supply chain), and Private (exused in employer-employee transactions of organizations). The article mentions advantages and drawbacks of each of these three categories. Some of these categories of Block chain technology have found applications in such areas as Financial Sector, Health care, Supply Chain and Logistics Sector, Internet of Things(IoT) based home automation, energy industry, academics, and manufacturing. The article gives more details on how Blockchain Technology is used in each of these areas.

It is hoped that our readers find our selection of two reprinted articles worth revisting and also as the as - yet - unpublished article titled GALA very useful particularly for the student community.

Dr. N. Rama Murthy